Zeenat Aman Fondly Remembers Late Actor Feroz Khan’s ‘Rizz’ in Heartfelt Instagram Tribute

Zeenat Aman’s emotional Instagram post pays tribute to the late Feroz Khan, revealing his captivating ‘rizz’ (charisma).

Celebrated veteran actress Zeenat Aman took to Instagram to honor her late co-star, Feroz Khan, in a heartfelt post that encapsulated the enigmatic ‘rizz‘ of the veteran actor. Sharing a nostalgic throwback picture, Aman reminisced about Khan’s magnetic charisma, describing how he personified the term ‘rizz‘ or charm.

Recounting an early encounter, Aman revealed the intriguing dynamic she shared with Khan during their initial collaboration for the film ‘Qurbani.’ Despite a rocky start, Khan’s undeniable charm and influence on set became apparent. Aman reflected on an incident where she arrived late on set after a night out, to which Khan, though stern, tactfully handled the situation.

Feroz Khan‘s suave and talented persona left an enduring impact on Aman, making ‘Qurbani‘ one of her cherished projects to date. Transitioning to her present endeavors, Aman, last seen in ‘Panipat,’ is geared up for her comeback in Manish Malhotra’s production venture, ‘Bun Tikki,’ alongside Shabana Azmi and Abhay Deol.

The Instagram tribute beautifully captures the essence of Feroz Khan‘s charm and his profound influence on Zeenat Aman, offering a glimpse into their shared moments on and off-screen.


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