Zack Snyder Open to Collaborating with Amber Heard Despite Online Controversy

Director Zack Snyder weighs in on the debate surrounding Amber Heard’s involvement in Aquaman 2 amidst online backlash, expressing openness to working with her again.

In recent years, Amber Heard has faced severe public scrutiny following her high-profile divorce and legal battles with Johnny Depp. Despite ongoing online backlash and doubts about her role in the upcoming Aquaman 2, director Zack Snyder remains open to collaborating with Heard.

Heard’s portrayal of Mera, the Atlantean princess, has been a significant part of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), notably in Snyder’s 2017 film, Justice League. Her absence from the trailers and teasers for Aquaman 2 has sparked speculation about her future in the franchise.

However, Snyder, known for his iconic contributions to the DC Universe, including introducing Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, has shown support for Heard.

Addressing the controversy surrounding Heard, Snyder expressed his confusion over the widespread negativity towards the actress. Having previously worked with her on Justice League, Snyder’s openness to future collaborations highlights a differing perspective amidst the online campaign to remove Heard from the Aquaman sequel.

As the director readies for his upcoming film, Rebel Moon, his willingness to work with Heard despite the ongoing scrutiny sheds light on the complexities of Hollywood dynamics and the varying opinions within the industry.

Despite the divisive opinions among fans, Snyder’s stance signifies a potential continuation of his professional relationship with Heard.


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