YMCA Warns of Swimming Dangers as Temperatures Rise for Spring

With spring break underway and warmer weather expected, the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas is reminding parents of the importance of “Water Watching” and supervising children around water to prevent drowning incidents.

As spring break arrives and warmer weather is on the horizon, the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas is urging parents to be vigilant about water safety, especially around young children. With increased activity at lakes and pools across North Texas, the YMCA emphasizes the importance of “Water Watching,” which involves assigning a trusted adult to actively supervise swimmers without distractions.

Drowning is a silent and often unnoticed danger for children. According to the CDC, it is the number one cause of death for children aged 1 to 4, and last year, 87 children drowned in Texas alone. To help prevent such tragedies, the YMCA encourages parents to enroll their children in swimming classes at an early age to learn basic life-saving skills, such as floating on their backs and safely.

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