World’s Largest Edible Moon Pie Served During Total Solar Eclipse in Irving

Thousands gathered in Irving for the total solar eclipse, enjoying a view of the celestial event and indulging in the world’s largest edible Moon Pie.

As the total solar eclipse captivated crowds in Irving, attendees were treated to a double delight: an awe-inspiring celestial spectacle and a slice of culinary history with the world’s largest edible Moon Pie.

Nearly 6,000 people congregated at the Levy Event Plaza in Las Colinas on Monday to witness the rare phenomenon, creating a vibrant atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

Moments before the eclipse reached totality at 1:42 p.m., guests were served slices of the record-breaking Moon Pie, setting the stage for a memorable experience under the darkened sky.

Crafted with meticulous care, the colossal Moon Pie tipped the scales at an impressive 160 pounds and stretched five feet in diameter, earning its place in culinary folklore.

Diana Pfaff, Vice President of Marketing & Communications for Visit Irving, expressed delight at the diverse turnout for the eclipse event. “It was great seeing families from not just Irving but from across Texas, from many states, and even several countries who chose to visit Irving for the total eclipse,” she remarked. “The world’s largest edible Moon Pie was a hit, and it received rave reviews.”

Chef Eduardo Alvarez, from the Irving Convention Center, spearheaded the culinary endeavor, blending 64 pounds of marshmallows, 128 eggs, 36 pounds of butter, and 16 pounds of brown sugar to create the monumental treat.

As attendees savored their portions of the colossal Moon Pie, the eclipse served as a backdrop to a shared moment of wonder and indulgence, underscoring the power of celestial events to bring communities together in celebration and awe.

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