White House reveals 2023 Christmas ornament.

The White House Historical Association Announces Official 2023 White House Christmas Ornament

The 2023 White House Christmas ornament highlights noteworthy components from Gerald Ford’s presidency.

The wreath-molded trimming matches the Christmas improvements embellished by the Passage Christmas tree.

The rear of the decoration praises President Ford’s Boy Scout troop, his golden retriever, and his time as a football player for the University of Michigan.

The only ornament of its kind, the Official White House Christmas Ornament is produced by the White House Historical Association, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, and made in America by a veteran-founded business. Each ornament helps fund the work of the Association’s historians, researchers, and educators to open the doors to the rich history of the “people’s house” for millions of Americans.

The White House Historical Association respects an alternate president with every yearly trimming. Past plans have incorporated a Nixon-themed gingerbread house, a Johnson-themed Christmas tree, and an Eisenhower-themed helicopter.

The current year’s ornament costs $24.95 on the online portal.

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