Weatherford Western Wear Store Suffers $50K Christmas Eve Fire Damage

A Christmas Eve fire at David’s Western Wear in Weatherford causes $50,000 in damage, attributed to an accidental electrical fire. Despite exterior damage, the structure’s interior remains unaffected. Owner David Isham expresses gratitude and plans for swift store reconstruction.

A Christmas Eve fire wreaked havoc at David’s Western Wear in Weatherford, causing over $50,000 in damages, as confirmed by Weatherford Fire Rescue.

Emergency responders rushed to South Main Street following reports of flames erupting from the store’s parapet wall and awning on Sunday. Preliminary investigations by Weatherford Fire indicated the fire’s accidental and electrical origins.

Fortunately, the inferno spared the store’s interior from fire or smoke damage. David Isham, the store’s owner, took to Facebook, expressing relief that no injuries occurred, emphasizing the closure of the store during the incident.

Acknowledging the dedicated staff who rushed to assist despite the holiday, Isham expressed gratitude, lamenting the sacrifice of their Christmas Eve. He expressed determination to swiftly rebuild the store, signaling hope for a rapid restoration following the unexpected fire incident.

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