Washington State Senator Jeff Wilson Arrested in Hong Kong Over Unregistered Firearm

Washington State Senator Jeff Wilson, arrested at Hong Kong airport for carrying an unregistered firearm, says it was an honest mistake. He faces a hearing on October 30.

In a surprising turn of events, Washington State Senator Jeff Wilson, a member of the Republican Party representing Longview, was arrested at Hong Kong International Airport on charges of possessing an unregistered firearm. Wilson reported the presence of the pistol in his carry-on bag to customs officials upon its discovery during a flight layover in Hong Kong. The incident occurred after he had unknowingly passed through security in Portland, Oregon, without the weapon being detected by airport screeners.

Wilson, who was detained on Friday night, has been released on bail. He is now scheduled to attend a hearing on October 30 to address the charges against him.

The senator has explained the situation as an “honest mistake” and expresses his expectation for a swift resolution. Wilson maintains that he was unaware of the firearm’s presence in his bag until he reached for a piece of gum during his flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong.

Both airport authorities and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are reviewing the incident to determine how the firearm went unnoticed during security checks in Portland.

The arrest and subsequent investigation serve as a reminder of the strict firearm regulations in place in Hong Kong and the importance of adhering to international travel guidelines.


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