Vinod Chopra Films Announce New Film “Zero Se Restart: The Making of 12th Fail”

Vinod Chopra Films unveils their latest project, “Zero Se Restart,” narrating the behind-the-scenes journey of the blockbuster film “12th Fail.”

Vinod Chopra Films, under the creative vision of writer-director Vidhu Vinod Chopra, has revealed their upcoming film, “Zero Se Restart.” This cinematic venture delves into the captivating behind-the-scenes narrative of the recent hit movie, “12th Fail.” Breaking away from traditional norms, Mr. Chopra has chosen to showcase the making of “12th Fail” in a feature film format, a unique and rare approach in Indian cinema.

Expressing his excitement for this project, Vidhu Vinod Chopra shares, “Zero Se Restart narrates the journey of ‘12th Fail,’ from its inception to overcoming numerous obstacles, including doubts about its success and advice against a theatrical release. It’s a story of resilience and victory against skepticism, offering audiences a fun and crazy insight into the filmmaking process. Following the overwhelming support for ‘12th Fail,’ sharing this remarkable story with viewers feels like the perfect next step.”

With a commitment to entertain, educate, and elevate audiences, Vinod Chopra Films’ “Zero Se Restart” promises to deliver an engaging and enthralling account of one of Indian Cinema’s most extraordinary success stories.

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