UT Dallas Encampment Protest: Law Enforcement Removes Demonstrators, 17 Arrested

Law enforcement removes encampments at UT Dallas campus following protests over the war in Gaza. At least 17 individuals are arrested amid demands for divestment and cease-fire.

Law enforcement intervened at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) campus Wednesday morning, removing encampments set up by protesters amidst nationwide demonstrations over the conflict in Gaza. At least 17 individuals were arrested during the altercation.

Organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement, the protest mirrored similar campus demonstrations nationwide, calling for UTD to divest from corporations associated with the Israeli military and advocating for a cease-fire in Gaza.

Despite warnings from the university administration against encampments or any structures, protesters refused to comply, prompting law enforcement to intervene. UT Dallas emphasized its commitment to free speech but underscored the violation of institutional rules governing assembly.

Dr. Richard Benson, UT Dallas President, addressed the situation, stating that while the university supports free speech, the encampment breached campus rules. He affirmed ongoing dialogue with student groups to ensure clarity on protest guidelines.

Twenty-one individuals were initially detained, primarily students and faculty, facing misdemeanor charges. Attorneys representing the arrested individuals reported communication with 15 out of the 21.

The incident follows similar protests at UT Austin earlier in the week, signaling escalating tensions on campuses regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. UT Dallas remains committed to facilitating free expression while upholding campus regulations.

As the situation unfolds, UT Dallas continues to engage with stakeholders to maintain a safe and conducive campus environment. Stay updated for further developments on this evolving story.

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