U.S. Military is on a hunt for a Missing F-35 Fighter Jet.

United States’ military continues searching for an F-35 fighter jet that has gone missing after an incident that forced the pilot to eject from the advanced stealth aircraft over South Carolina.

Emergency responders’ groups are trying to find what’s left of the F-35B Lightning II fly, which endured what the military called a “disaster” on Sunday evening, as per social media post by Joint Base Charleston, an air base in South Carolina. The unidentified pilot ejected safely and was taken to a local hospital in a stable condition.

Joint Base Charleston approached people, in general, to help military and regular citizen specialists as the quest for the F-35 fly proceeded. Given its most recent area, the air base said it was working with Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort to search for the plane north of North Charleston around Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, based on its last-known location.

Lockheed Martin Corp is the producer behind the F-35, a solitary-seat contender utilized by militaries all over the planet. The airplane was an upward take-off rendition used by the US Marine Corps, and the stream is well known for its covertness characteristics that make it hard to distinguish by radar.

The F-35 program, the costliest US weapons program ever, is projected to cost $400 billion to develop and obtain and an extra $1.2 trillion to work and keep up with the armada over 60 years. Each stream can cost more than $160 million, contingent upon the variation.

It’s not the first time the F-35 has had difficulty. An F-35B variant crashed in 2018 in Beaufort District, South Carolina, due to an assembling imperfection in a fuel tube, to the Government Accounting Office’s report. The following year, a Japanese F-35A stealth fighter plunged into the ocean during an exercise over the Pacific Ocean, which Japan blamed on pilot disorientation, rather than technical issues.

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