U.S.-Bound Flight from Tokyo Returns After Passenger Bites Flight Attendant

A U.S.-bound plane faced an unexpected turn as a drunk passenger bit a flight attendant, forcing the aircraft to return to Tokyo.

A U.S.-bound flight from Tokyo experienced a dramatic turn when a heavily intoxicated passenger bit a flight attendant, prompting the aircraft to return to Tokyo Haneda Airport. The 55-year-old American citizen, reportedly inebriated, was arrested on assault charges, according to Japanese media.

The incident took place on All Nippon Airways’ Flight ANA 118, en route to Seattle. The flight, which took off at 9:24 p.m. local time, returned to Tokyo Haneda Airport three hours later. The female flight attendant, who was bitten, sustained minor injuries, and the suspect was handed over to the police.

In-flight disturbances have become a growing concern, with this incident adding to a series of disruptive events. It echoes similar cases, including one in July 2022 where passengers were fined substantial amounts for disruptive behavior on American Airlines and Delta Air Lines flights. The incident highlights the challenges faced by airlines in ensuring passenger safety and addressing disruptive behavior during flights.

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