Toyota Stadium in Frisco Set for $130M Upgrade Ahead of 2026 FIFA World Cup

FRISCO, Texas – Toyota Stadium in Frisco is poised for a significant transformation, potentially receiving $130 million in upgrades before it becomes a basecamp during the 2026 FIFA World Cup. This ambitious renovation plan was recently detailed in a filing with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

The proposed upgrades aim to enhance the fan experience and accommodate the increased media presence expected during the World Cup. Key improvements include the addition of more clubs and suites, state-of-the-art lighting, and expanded spaces for broadcasters and media members to work. These enhancements are designed to bring the stadium up to the standards required for such a prestigious international event.

If the project receives approval, construction is slated to begin in January 2025, with completion targeted for the summer of 2027. This timeline ensures the stadium will be ready well ahead of the World Cup festivities.

Toyota Stadium, which opened in 2005 and currently holds approximately 20,500 spectators, has been a central hub for soccer in the region. The planned upgrades will not only prepare it for the World Cup but also enhance its long-term viability as a premier sports venue in Texas.

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