In the teaser for the highly anticipated film “Tiger 3,” Salman Khan delivers a powerful line: “Jab tak Tiger mara nahi, tab tak Tiger hara nahi (Tiger doesn’t lose until he dies).” This phrase encapsulates the essence of the spy thriller, where Khan plays Avinash Singh Rathore, known as Tiger. The teaser opens with Tiger, a renowned RAW agent, reaching out to the people of India for assistance. After two decades of unwavering service to his nation, he breaks his silence, requesting a “character certificate” to clear his tarnished reputation. Tiger has been wrongfully branded as “an enemy, a traitor,” and he wants his country to affirm his loyalty, especially for the sake of his son.

Tiger’s unwavering commitment to his homeland is evident as he pledges to serve until his last breath. The teaser then transitions into a spectacle of high-octane action sequences featuring Salman Khan, including intense shooting, daring fights on moving vehicles, and gravity-defying feats. Tiger’s determination to protect his country remains unshaken.

As the teaser concludes, it leaves audiences eagerly anticipating the forthcoming action-packed narrative, setting the stage for Tiger’s relentless pursuit of justice and redemption.


Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif


Maneesh Sharma


Aditya Chopra

Release Date

Diwali 2023

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