Three Students Charged in Northwest ISD Middle School Attack Plan

Three students in Northwest ISD have been charged with felony terroristic threat after collaborating on a detailed plan to attack a middle school, naming 32 students and staff as targets.

In a concerning development, three students in the Northwest Independent School District (ISD) have been charged in connection with a plan to attack a middle school. The district revealed in a letter to families on Monday that these students collaborated on a document outlining the attack plan, naming 32 students and staffers as targets.

According to Northwest ISD, all three students have been charged with a felony terroristic threat. Although there were other students involved in the investigation, they were not found to have engaged in a terroristic threat.

The investigation was initiated after a parent alerted administrators at Truett Wilson Middle School about a concerning document. Upon further inquiry, the district discovered a detailed plan to attack the campus, along with a “watch list” containing the names of 25 students and seven staffers at Wilson Middle School.

The district worked in collaboration with the Fort Worth Police Department to investigate this alarming situation.


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