Texas Supreme Court Blocks Abortion Request by Kate Cox Amid Legal Battle

The Texas Supreme Court halts Kate Cox’s attempt to terminate her non-viable pregnancy under a medical exemption. Cox, at the center of an abortion lawsuit, leaves the state for the procedure, igniting debate on the state’s abortion ban.

The Texas Supreme Court has delivered a ruling blocking Kate Cox’s ability to undergo an abortion in the state, emphasizing that decisions on medical exemptions should rest with doctors, not judges. Cox, at the center of a highly publicized abortion lawsuit, left the state on the same day as the court’s decision, highlighting the challenges faced by women seeking abortions under Texas’ restrictive laws.

The court’s decision overturned a temporary restraining order issued by a Travis County judge, which would have allowed Cox to terminate her non-viable pregnancy despite the state’s ban. State Attorney General Ken Paxton petitioned the Texas Supreme Court to intervene, and the court initially halted the decision before issuing a final ruling.

In its opinion, the court stated that Cox’s doctor failed to prove the conditions required for a medical exemption. The court further emphasized that women meeting these standards should not be required to seek a court order for the procedure.

Cox, 31, filed the lawsuit, arguing for the right to terminate a pregnancy with a fatal fetal diagnosis. The legal battle underscores the challenges faced by pregnant individuals seeking abortions under Texas‘ stringent abortion laws.

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