Texas Senate Panel Discusses Colony Ridge, the Houston-Area Housing Development

A Texas Senate committee has discussed Colony Ridge, a housing development near Houston that has been the focus of Governor Greg Abbott’s attention. Learn more about the latest developments in this housing situation.

With only a week remaining in the special legislative session, Texas lawmakers are yet to make progress on legislation concerning Colony Ridge, a housing development situated north of Houston.

Governor Greg Abbott had urged the Legislature to pass laws addressing Colony Ridge following reports in conservative media outlets alleging the presence of “thousands” of undocumented migrants in the area.

While the Senate Committee on Local Government held hearings on Colony Ridge, neither the House nor the Senate committees have debated or passed any legislation related to the development. The only bill mentioning Colony Ridge is the one by Senator Joan Huffman, which allocates $1.5 billion for the state border wall’s ongoing construction.

Huffman’s bill also includes $40 million for the Texas Department of Public Safety troopers assisting with border security operations and the costs associated with increased law enforcement presence at Colony Ridge.

The bill recently passed in the Senate and now moves to the House for further consideration, where it faces additional legislative processes. However, the House has faced quorum issues recently, hampering its ability to receive bills from the Senate and proceed with legislative matters.


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