Texas Man Surrenders After Allegedly Stealing $500,000 in Luxury Cars

A Texas man, Everett Van Jennings, faces felony charges for stealing luxury cars worth $500,000. The investigation led by law enforcement uncovered stolen vehicles and equipment used to alter VINs.

A Sulfur Springs man, Everett Van Jennings, has turned himself in on felony charges related to the theft of luxury cars valued at $500,000. The investigation began on January 6 when a victim reported the theft of their Lamborghini in Houston.

The car owner hired a private investigator who traced the stolen vehicle to a residence in Hopkins County. Using his keys, the victim remotely activated the car’s lights and horn in the garage. Hopkins County deputies, upon visiting the residence, found it unoccupied.

Contacting Jennings by phone, he claimed to be out of state. Law enforcement obtained a search warrant and entered the residence, discovering the stolen Lamborghini and two other luxury cars, totaling an estimated value of $500,000.

Investigators also uncovered equipment commonly used for altering vehicle VINs. Jennings turned himself in to the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, facing felony charges for theft of property over $300,000 and placement of a serial number with intent to change identity.

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