Texas House Debates Controversial Bill to Address Undocumented Immigration

A contentious new bill in the Texas House sparks debate as it aims to criminalize illegal entry into the state, potentially leading to immediate arrests and legal consequences for undocumented immigrants.

A controversial bill currently under debate in the Texas House could alter the landscape for undocumented immigrants. It proposes a significant change, as currently, entering Texas unlawfully is not considered a state crime.

Under this legislation, any peace officer in the state would be empowered to transport an undocumented person to a border port of entry and issue a departure order from the country.

Refusal to comply with this order could result in severe legal consequences. State Rep. Charles Spiller (R-Jacksboro) expressed that “House Bill 4 is a landmark bill that allows Texans to protect Texans and to send illegal immigrants back and to prosecute and incarcerate those who refuse to leave.

” The bill creates new criminal law, mirroring Senate Bill 11, which could lead to a year-long jail term for those residing in the state without legal status.


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