Texas heat dome inches north and east, and 15 States Under Advisories

A heat dome intensifies, covering more of the United States, resulting in heat advisories issued for 15 states. Record-breaking temperatures hit Texas, raising concerns for public health and safety.

Record-breaking summer temperatures continue to plague the Southern United States as a heat dome extends its grip, subjecting millions to scorching conditions.

Over the past two weeks, Texas has witnessed over 100 daily temperature records being broken. On Wednesday, temperatures in Texas soared to levels hotter than 99% of the planet.

Dallas recorded a forecast high of 115°F. Heat advisories have been issued in 15 states, affecting 45 million people.

The National Weather Service issued excessive heat warnings for Mississippi and Louisiana, where heat index readings of 115-120°F are expected.

Alabama will experience heat index readings of 105-112°F.

These extreme conditions are anticipated to persist in Texas through the weekend, making it essential for residents to take necessary precautions.

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