Testimony Begins in Trial of Man Accused of Killing 2 at Dallas Hospital: ‘Hell on Earth’

The trial of Nestor Hernandez, accused of fatally shooting two hospital workers at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, commences. Shocking testimony unveils the harrowing events inside the hospital’s maternity ward.


The trial of Nestor Hernandez, accused of a horrifying attack inside Methodist Dallas Medical Center, began with harrowing testimony from witnesses who experienced the events of that tragic day. Hernandez is standing trial for capital murder, facing an automatic life sentence without parole if convicted.

In a shocking series of events, Hernandez, 31, is accused of fatally shooting two hospital workers, Jacqueline Pokuaa, a social worker, and Katie Flowers, a nurse, at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center. The incident also involved a dramatic confrontation with Selena Villatoro, his on-again, off-again girlfriend, who had just given birth to their baby.

On the day in question, Hernandez appeared intoxicated and entered the wrong hospital room, mistaking another woman for Villatoro, who had recently given birth. As the events unfolded, he became irate and accused Villatoro of infidelity, resulting in a violent confrontation.

The trial is taking place in Dallas County, and although the death penalty is not being sought by prosecutors, Hernandez is charged with capital murder, which carries an automatic life sentence without the possibility of parole upon conviction.

Hernandez’s defense attorneys have suggested that he and Villatoro had a contentious relationship, further complicating the circumstances that led to the tragic events in the maternity ward. Villatoro testified about their tumultuous relationship and the events that unfolded on that fateful day.

Prosecutors revealed that Hernandez had taken a beer and a gun to the maternity ward with a mindset of murder. As the trial unfolds, the jury and the public are confronted with a deeply unsettling and tragic narrative of violence within what should be a safe and joyous environment.

The shocking testimony presented in court sheds light on the horrifying events that took place inside the maternity ward of Methodist Dallas Medical Center. The trial will continue to unveil the details of this tragic incident and determine the fate of Nestor Hernandez.


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