Tejas | Movie Review

“Tejas,” a film inspired by the Indian Air Force’s decision to include women in combat roles, takes viewers on a thrilling journey with Kangana Ranaut in the lead. The movie blends action and patriotism but faces turbulence with an inconsistent narrative.

Tejas,” the aviation thriller directed by Sarvesh Mewara, explores the groundbreaking decision in 2016 when the Indian Air Force opened its doors to women in combat roles. Kangana Ranaut stars as Tejas Gill, a determined fighter pilot eager to serve her country and defy gender norms. Tejas, alongside her co-pilot Afia (Anshul Chauhan), embarks on a mission to rescue a hostage, showcasing her bravery and love for her nation.

The film offers a refreshing departure from traditional gender roles, with women in the spotlight as heroes. However, at times, Tejas’s valor and actions appear excessive, including confrontations with male pilots and exaggerated action sequences.

The narrative can be challenging to follow as it frequently shifts between past and present timelines, affecting the film’s overall cohesion. Nevertheless, the movie gains momentum during the rescue operation, featuring high-octane action scenes. Unfortunately, a subplot involving an impending terrorist attack distracts from the main story.

Tejas” excels in its action sequences, where Kangana Ranaut‘s performance as a fighter pilot shines. Anshul Chauhan impresses as Tejas’s co-pilot. The film’s music, including Arijit Singh’s “Jaan Da” and the energetic “Ranjhana,” stands out.

Tejas” will likely find favor among fans of patriotic and defense-themed movies. However, a stronger storyline and more consistent screenplay could have elevated the film’s impact.


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