Taylor Swift Faces Backlash Over NYT Op-Ed Questioning Her Sexuality and LGBTQ References

Taylor Swift’s sexuality is under scrutiny as a New York Times op-ed suggests her possible queerness based on LGBTQ references in her songs. Swifties express outrage, deeming the article inappropriate and disrespectful.

A recent op-ed in The New York Times has ignited a firestorm of controversy by questioning the sexuality of global pop sensation Taylor Swift. Penned by NYT staffer Anna Marks, the 5,000-word piece delves into a list of LGBTQ references found in Swift’s songs and performances, suggesting that the singer may have been subtly hinting at her identification with the queer community for years.

Swifties, the singer’s devoted fanbase, have vehemently criticized the opinion piece, labeling it as highly disrespectful. The article, titled “Look What We Made Taylor Swift Do,” has drawn backlash for discussing the potential queerness of the artist without a formal declaration from Swift herself.

In 2019, Swift clarified her stance, expressing solidarity with the LGBTQ community but confirming that she is not a part of it. She emphasized her role as an ally and declared her concerts as a “safe space” for individuals within the LGBTQ community.

Anna Marks, the op-ed’s author, anticipated the potential fallout, acknowledging, “I know that discussing the potential of a star’s queerness before a formal declaration of identity feels, to some, too salacious and gossip-fueled to be worthy of discussion.” She argued that recognizing the possibility of queerness, while being mindful of the difference between possibility and certainty, helps keep the signal alive.

The controversy surrounding Swift’s sexuality and the NYT op-ed continues to spark debate within the singer’s fanbase and the broader public.


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