Sofia Vergara and Netflix Face Lawsuit Over Griselda Blanco Series by Drug Lord’s Son

Sofia Vergara and Netflix are under legal scrutiny as Griselda Blanco’s son sues over a new series. The lawsuit claims unauthorized use of family details, sparking a debate on creative liberties and respect.

Sofia Vergara and Netflix find themselves embroiled in a legal battle with Michael Corleone Blanco, the son of notorious Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco, over their portrayal of her in a recent limited series. Filed in Miami-Dade County on January 17, the lawsuit alleges the “unauthorized” use of Blanco’s “artistic literary work” and the family’s “image, likeness, and/or identity.”

Blanco contends that Netflix utilized information from his private interviews about his mother’s life without consent or compensation. The lawsuit reveals Blanco’s intention to publish a book and develop a Spanish soap opera based on his and his mother’s life narratives.

While creator Eric Newman dismisses the lawsuit as unsurprising, legal experts note that such disputes are common in the industry. The lawsuit seeks damages exceeding $50,000 and a temporary injunction, which, despite Blanco’s efforts, did not prevent the series release on Netflix.

Vergara, an executive producer and star in the series, expressed unawareness of the lawsuit but conveyed respect for Michael Blanco. He, in turn, decried the series as “disrespectful,” claiming his attempts to offer consultation were ignored.

As the legal battle unfolds, it raises questions about the thin line between creative freedom and the rights of individuals, particularly when dealing with real-life figures and their families.


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