Shruti Haasan Stunts with ‘Monster Machine’ at North East Fest in Delhi

Shruti Haasan, acclaimed for her roles and music, dazzles at the North East Fest in Delhi, performing her original track ‘Monster Machine’ and captivating a crowd of 3,000 with a lineup of six soulful songs.

Shruti Haasan, renowned for her recent success in ‘Salaar,’ showcased her musical prowess at the North East Fest in Delhi. Amidst her flourishing acting career, the multi-talented artist has delved deeper into singing, displaying a growing passion for music. From debuting her original track ‘Monster Machine‘ to gracing the stage, Shruti has embraced her musical journey this year, captivating audiences with her recent live performance.

Anticipation soared as Shruti Haasan geared up to enthrall nearly 3,000 attendees at the North East Festival in Delhi.

The actress-singer lived up to the excitement, delivering a spirited thirty-minute performance, enchanting the crowd with six mesmerizing tracks. Her repertoire included the recently released ‘Monster Machine‘ alongside hits like ‘Skin,’ ‘Connection Junkie,’ ‘Wash Me Away,’ ‘As You Go,’ and ‘Bury Me.’ Reports from sources close to the artist affirmed her engaging interaction with the audience, sharing insights about each song during her set.

Shruti Haasan expressed her profound love for music, highlighting it as a cherished form of expression and emphasizing her commitment to exploring diverse creative avenues.

Her dedication to music and her pursuit of personal growth continue to steer her artistic journey across various industries and languages, breaking internal barriers and fueling her ambition.


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