Sharvari Wagh Talks About Her Dance Track ‘Taras’ in Munjya

The anticipation for the upcoming film Munjya is reaching new heights. Recently, the makers released a teaser that introduced an all-new CGI actor, stirring excitement and curiosity among fans. Now, the film’s first song, titled “Taras,” features the stunning Sharvari Wagh in a groovy dance track.

Sharvari Wagh, known for her captivating screen presence, shared her enthusiasm about the song, saying, “Ever since I wanted to be a leading lady in a Hindi film, I always wanted to do a big dance number! I always felt fascinated by them. I have felt mesmerized by the leading ladies of Hindi cinema, as well as the dancing icons across generations, who have belted out those big chartbusters that the entire nation has danced to.”

She added, “Cinema is showbiz, and song and dance numbers are important tools for people to decide if they want to watch a film. These party tracks have given recognition and validation to actors who have aced their performance in them time and again! I have only seen established actors or dancing idols getting big dance numbers because they have the pull and the popularity to hook people’s interest.”

Sharvari Wagh concluded, “So, I’m praying for ‘Taras’ to become a massive blockbuster song and for everyone to dance to it at clubs, parties, and every occasion!”

Taras promises to be a vibrant addition to the film’s appeal, setting the stage for its release. Director Aditya Sarpotdar leads Munjya, with Mona Singh, Abhay Verma, and Sathyaraj also starring. The film will hit the big screen on June 7, thrilling audiences with its unique blend of horror, comedy, and captivating dance numbers.

Watch Trailer: MUNJYA | Official Trailer | Sharvari

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