Sharvari Wagh Expresses Desire to Work with Ranveer Singh

Actress Sharvari Wagh recently opened up about her strong desire to collaborate with Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh. Reflecting on her experiences, Sharvari revealed how deeply Ranveer has inspired her as an actor.

“Ranveer inspired me as an actor, and I always say that it’s my wish to get the opportunity to work with him,” Sharvari shared. Her admiration for Ranveer began during her time as an assistant director on the sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Bajirao Mastani.” Witnessing Ranveer’s dedication and craft up close left a lasting impression on her.

Sharvari recalled the dream-like experience of working on the sets of “Bajirao Mastani,” where she observed Ranveer’s meticulous process and hard work. “In particular, Ranveer Singh’s performance and the way he prepared for his role inspired me a lot. His dedication to his craft is something that left a significant impact on me.”

She elaborated on how Ranveer’s passion and commitment to his roles fueled her own aspirations. “As an AD, I have worked with him, and he inspired me greatly in my journey. Hopefully, one day I can share the screen with him as an actor as well.”

Sharvari’s candid admiration for Ranveer Singh highlights the impact he has had on her career and aspirations. Fans eagerly await the potential collaboration between these two talented actors, anticipating the dynamic performances they could bring to the screen together.

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