Shannen Doherty Unveils ‘Charmed’ Exit Details Involving Alyssa Milano on Podcast

Shannen Doherty discloses her ‘Charmed’ departure details, attributing Alyssa Milano’s alleged threats to a lawsuit as the reason for her firing.

During the latest episode of her podcast, ‘Let’s Be Clear,’ Shannen Doherty opened up about her departure from the iconic series ‘Charmed,’ revealing that she was allegedly fired due to Alyssa Milano’s purported threat of legal action against the production.

Doherty disclosed that she did not voluntarily leave the show, contrary to prior narratives. Instead, she claims she was let go after Milano reportedly warned of a lawsuit if Doherty wasn’t removed from the series.

The conversation, featuring Doherty and her former co-star Holly Marie Combs, shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics, recounting a meeting with producer Jonathan Levin where Milano’s ultimatum was confirmed. Combs detailed the alleged differences in handling workplace discomfort between Milano’s documented instances and the lack thereof from Doherty and herself.

Doherty also emphasized her positive conduct toward Milano on set and highlighted a previous episode detailing the competitive atmosphere arising from the show’s success. This rift, she explained, led to a perceived lack of female support between Milano and herself.

The revelations on the podcast mark a candid disclosure about the circumstances behind Doherty’s exit from ‘Charmed‘ and the alleged dynamics at play during the show’s production.


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