Salman Khan’s Mumbai Residence Attacked: Gunshots Fired by Unidentified Bikers

Salman Khan faces another threat as bikers fire gunshots at his Bandra residence, Galaxy Apartments. The police investigate the incident amid rising concerns over the actor’s safety.

In a concerning development, Salman Khan, the Bollywood superstar residing in Mumbai’s Bandra area, faced another serious threat as gunshots were fired at his residence on Sunday morning. The incident, which occurred at Galaxy Apartments, where Khan lives with his family, has sparked an investigation by the local police.

Eyewitnesses reported that two unidentified bikers targeted Khan’s residence, firing two gunshots in the direction of the Galaxy apartment in Bandra. The police have launched a probe into the matter to identify the assailants and ascertain the motive behind the attack. This incident adds to the growing concerns surrounding Khan’s safety, as threats against him have escalated over the past two years.

According to reports, one of the bullets struck the first floor of the apartment, where Salman Khan resides in a modest one-bedroom flat. Footage from news portal ANI shows the Mumbai Crime Branch and forensics team examining the bullets and bullet marks, indicating the seriousness of the incident.

This is not the first time Khan has faced direct threats to his life. Last year, his father, Salim Khan, received death threats, prompting Khan to seek enhanced security measures for his family. Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi had openly threatened Khan due to his involvement in the blackbuck hunting case, an animal considered sacred by Bishnoi’s community. While Bishnoi is in custody, reports suggest that his associate, Sampat Nehra, was tasked with monitoring Khan and his family before being arrested by the Haryana police.

Another individual implicated in the threats is Goldy Brar, purportedly a Canada-based gangster who allegedly sent threatening emails to Khan and his family. However, the details surrounding the recent shooting remain undisclosed as the police continue their investigation into the matter. The incident underscores the ongoing security challenges faced by Bollywood celebrities and the need for robust measures to ensure their safety.


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