Salman Khan Lights Up Anant Ambani’s Birthday Party with ‘Saari Duniya jala denge’

Catch the electrifying moment as Salman Khan performs ‘Saari Duniya jala denge’ at Anant Ambani’s lavish birthday celebration in Jamnagar.

Salman Khan, a staple at high-profile celebrations, brought his star power to Anant Ambani’s birthday party in Jamnagar, captivating guests with an energetic performance of ‘Saari Duniya jala denge’ from his recent film, Animal. The event, marked by its opulence, saw the Bollywood icon in his element, alongside noted singer B Praak, creating a memorable evening for the attendees.

The party, held at the expansive Ambani estate, was a gathering of top celebrities and business tycoons. Salman’s performance was not just a musical highlight but also a viral moment, as clips shared across social media platforms showed the actor fully engaging with the crowd, reinforcing his status as a beloved entertainer. This appearance comes amid a busy year for Khan, who is juggling multiple film projects while still making time for such personal appearances.

Salman Khan’s rendition of ‘Saari Duniya jala denge’ has added yet another hit to his list of memorable performances, resonating well with his fans and party-goers alike, and promising to enhance the promotional run of his upcoming film.

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