Roanoke Navy SEAL Heroically Lost During Mission to Thwart Illicit Weapon Shipment

Navy SEAL Nathan Gage Ingram of Roanoke, Texas, tragically lost his life during a daring mission to intercept illicit Iranian-made weapons headed for Yemen.

In a heroic mission to prevent illicit weapons from reaching Yemen, Navy SEAL Nathan Gage Ingram from Roanoke, Texas, lost his life off the coast of Somalia. Alongside Navy SEAL Christopher J. Chambers, the two SEALs faced a challenging situation as they climbed aboard an unflagged ship carrying Iranian-made weapons.

During the operation on Jan. 11, as Ingram began climbing the ladder onto the vessel, he slipped into a gap created by the waves. Chambers instinctively jumped in to save him, but weighed down by their equipment, both SEALs tragically lost their lives in the Arabian Sea.

The interdiction of weapons to Yemen has gained urgency due to ongoing attacks by Yemen-based Houthis. The 11-day search and rescue mission transitioned into a recovery effort, with the Navy SEALs identified as heroes in the line of duty.

President Joe Biden expressed condolences, stating, “Jill and I are mourning the tragic deaths of two of America’s finest — Navy SEALs who were lost at sea while executing a mission off the coast of East Africa last week.”

The U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet is conducting an investigation into the incident, examining equipment, training, procedures, and decisions related to the mission. Navy SEAL Nathan Gage Ingram’s sacrifice is remembered as an unwavering commitment to protecting fellow Americans.

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