Richardson Nonprofits Aid Residents Displaced by Severe Storms

RICHARDSON, Texas – In the aftermath of Tuesday’s severe storms, more than 100,000 people across North Texas remain without power, with Richardson being one of the hardest-hit cities. The storms displaced dozens of residents, particularly those from the High Oak East Apartments, who are now seeking temporary housing in hotels.

The apartment complex suffered extensive damage when hurricane-force winds ripped off part of its roof, causing significant destruction to residents’ belongings below. Emergency workers managed to cover the roof with a tarp on Thursday, but much of the damage had already been inflicted early Tuesday morning. As a result, 62 people from 23 families have been left without homes.

Richardson residents are now facing their third day without power, compounding the difficulties. Nonprofits in the area have stepped up to offer much-needed support. Operation BBQ Relief, in particular, is providing crucial aid by cooking and serving 400 meals daily at the Network of Community Ministries. These meals will be available for lunch and dinner through Saturday, helping to alleviate some of the immediate needs of those affected.

The ongoing power outages and Thursday’s rain have added to the challenges, leaving residents with few forms of entertainment and comfort as they wait for normalcy to return.

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