Richard Lewis, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Star and Beloved Comic, Dies at 76

Renowned comedian Richard Lewis, known for his role in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ passes away at 76 after battling Parkinson’s disease. As tributes pour in from colleagues like Larry David and Jamie Lee Curtis, Lewis leaves behind a legacy of humor and wit that touched countless lives.

Renowned comedian Richard Lewis, celebrated for his role in the hit series “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” has passed away at the age of 76, as confirmed by his publicist. Lewis, known for his distinctive humor and wit, died at his home in Los Angeles following a heart attack.

In addition to his iconic portrayal in “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Lewis made a significant impact on the comedy world with his stand-up performances and numerous television appearances. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Lewis began his comedy career in the early 1970s, quickly gaining recognition for his dark humor and self-deprecating style.

Throughout his career, Lewis starred in multiple stand-up specials, appeared on popular late-night shows, and earned acclaim for his roles in sitcoms and movies. His comedic brilliance and talent endeared him to audiences worldwide, establishing him as a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Larry David, creator of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” expressed his profound grief over the loss of his longtime friend and colleague. David fondly remembered Lewis as both a comedic genius and a cherished friend, highlighting their lifelong bond and shared experiences.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who worked with Lewis on the sitcom “Anything but Love,” paid tribute to his remarkable talent and impact on her life. Curtis credited Lewis with helping her achieve sobriety and remembered him fondly as a supportive and humorous presence.

HBO, the network that aired “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and several of Lewis‘ comedy specials, mourned his passing and honored his legacy. Describing Lewis as a cherished member of the HBO family, the network expressed condolences to his loved ones and fans.

Richard Lewis leaves behind a lasting legacy of laughter and joy, remembered fondly by colleagues, friends, and fans alike. His contributions to comedy will continue to inspire and entertain audiences for generations to come.


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