Rescued Uttarakhand Tunnel Workers to Be Airlifted to AIIMS Rishikesh for Further Medical Evaluation

After a 17-day ordeal, 41 workers rescued from the collapsed Uttarkashi tunnel in Uttarakhand are in good health. Plans are underway to fly them to AIIMS Rishikesh for additional medical assessment.

The 41 workers rescued from the collapsed tunnel in Uttarakhand‘s Uttarkashi are set for transfer to AIIMS Rishikesh following their 17-day ordeal. While currently under observation at a local health center and reported to be in good physical and mental health, plans are in motion to airlift them to AIIMS for further medical evaluation.

Chief Medical Officer RCS Panwar confirmed the workers’ stable health, stating that none have exhibited any health concerns post-rescue.

The workers, who spent 422 hours trapped in the tunnel, were meticulously rescued by disaster relief personnel. A painstaking effort ensued as “rat-hole miners” made a breakthrough, burrowing through rock and debris, leading to the final successful rescue.

The operation involved innovative techniques like establishing video contact through an endoscopic camera and providing sustenance via a secondary pipe inserted into the debris. Despite challenges, rescuers persevered, culminating in the workers’ successful retrieval. However, engineers encountered difficulties, including navigating buried construction vehicles, emphasizing the complexities of the rescue mission.

Efforts continue as plans are underway to ensure the comprehensive medical assessment of these rescued workers at AIIMS Rishikesh, marking a crucial step towards their recovery and well-being.


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