Report Reveals Deadliest Highways in America: Texas Tops the List

New research identifies the most dangerous highways in America, with Texas leading the pack in fatal crashes.

Recent research has shed light on the most treacherous stretches of road in America, highlighting three states where highways pose significant dangers to motorists.

Using data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA), ConsumerAffairs uncovered stark disparities in driving safety across different regions. The “safest” state recorded 63 driving deaths in 2023, while the “least safe” state saw nearly 4,500 fatalities, indicating a wide variation in safety measures and driving behaviors.

Topping the list of deadliest highways is Texas, where out of 79,000 miles of highways, there were 4,068 fatal crashes resulting in 4,498 deaths in 2021. Alarmingly, the Lone Star State also led the nation in alcohol-related fatalities, with 2,175 reported cases.

Following closely behind Texas are California and Florida, with high crash fatalities attributed mainly to distracted driving. Georgia and North Carolina round out the top five states with the highest crash fatalities.

Additionally, Mississippi emerged as one of the deadliest states for young drivers, with statistics revealing a disproportionately high risk of fatal car crashes compared to the national average.

ConsumerAffairs data analysts Alexus Bazen and Michael Dempster emphasized the urgent need for enhanced safety measures and heightened awareness, particularly in states with alarming crash statistics. The findings underscore the critical importance of prioritizing road safety initiatives to protect motorists and reduce the prevalence of fatal accidents.

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