Rep. Lauren Boebert Under Active Investigation for Alleged Altercation: Colorado Authorities Confirm

Rep. Lauren Boebert faces an active investigation linked to an alleged physical altercation with her ex-husband in Colorado. The unfolding incident, denied by Boebert, sparks scrutiny amid prior controversies.

Authorities in Colorado have confirmed an active investigation involving Representative Lauren Boebert, relating to an alleged incident concerning her ex-husband. The investigation follows reports of a physical altercation at a restaurant in Boebert’s district on Saturday, as detailed by The Daily Beast.

Silt Police Chief Mike Kite acknowledged the ongoing “active investigation”, refraining from providing further details. Boebert denied social media allegations claiming she punched her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert, labeling the situation as “sad” and indicating her intent to explore legal recourse.

The reported incident emerges months after Boebert’s divorce filing, finalized recently, with Jayson Boebert expressing no desire to pursue charges. However, claims surfaced on social media, originating from an opposing super PAC, alleging Boebert physically assaulted her ex-husband.

This development follows previous controversies, including Boebert’s removal from a “Beetlejuice” show for disruptive conduct, later apologized for citing a tumultuous divorce and public life.

Amid these events, Boebert announced intentions to shift to a more conservative-friendly district in 2024, attributing the move partially to the recent incident, stating, “another reason I’m moving.”

Reflecting on a challenging year, Boebert conveyed a sense of personal growth in a recent video, acknowledging past mistakes and seeking a fresh start amidst both personal and political complexities.


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