Rajinikanth Biopic: Sajid Nadiadwala Secures Rights to Bring Superstar’s Untold Journey to Global Audiences

Bollywood producer Sajid Nadiadwala has acquired the rights to make a biopic on legendary Indian actor Rajinikanth, aiming to showcase the superstar’s remarkable journey from a bus conductor to a global icon.

Sajid Nadiadwala, a Bollywood producer, has acquired the rights to produce a biopic on the life of the legendary Indian actor Rajinikanth. His goal is to showcase the superstar’s remarkable journey to global audiences. As a self-proclaimed fan of Rajinikanth, Nadiadwala firmly believes that the actor’s story warrants global recognition.

According to sources, Nadiadwala has been in constant communication with Rajinikanth and his family to ensure the authenticity of the story, which will focus on the human side of the iconic actor. The biopic will trace Rajinikanth’s path from a humble beginning as a bus conductor to becoming a global superstar, showcasing his rise to fame and the challenges he faced along the way.

“The idea is to make a film that stands the test of time. It’s the greatest rags to riches story, and will focus more on Rajinikanth the human,” according to the sources. The Rajinikanth biopic is expected to go into production in 2025, with the casting to be finalized once the script is completed.

Nadiadwala’s decision to acquire the rights to Rajinikanth’s biopic underscores the growing global interest in Indian cinema and the desire to share the stories of its most influential figures. The project promises to be a cinematic celebration of the superstar’s life and legacy, offering audiences a rare glimpse into the extraordinary journey of one of India’s most beloved and revered actors.

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