Rain Storms Cause Hydroplaning Crash in Fort Worth

On Thursday a weather-related crash occurred on West Freeway in Fort Worth, involving a vehicle that hydroplaned due to water ponding on the freeway. The driver lost control, hit the median, crossed all lanes of traffic, and struck a bridge. Fortunately, the driver escaped with no injuries, emphasizing the importance of wearing seatbelts and maintaining safe distances while driving.

Local authorities in Fort Worth are taking proactive measures to prevent flooding risks by dispatching crews across the city for pre-inspections and clearing critical areas prone to flooding before and after rainfall. With over 350 hotspots checked regularly, their goal is to ensure proper drainage to avoid road overtopping and subsequent flooding issues.

Additionally, the city has installed flood warning sensors at 50 hotspots that detect accumulated rainwater on roadways and alert drivers with flashing lights to turn around. These sensors also notify authorities immediately, prompting road closures if water levels rise above safe limits

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