Pooja Bhatt Celebrates ‘Tipppsy’ Trailer Release with Deepak Tijori

Pooja Bhatt writes a heartfelt note to Deepak Tijori as they launch the ‘Tipppsy’ trailer, celebrating their longstanding friendship and shared moments in Bollywood.

The Bollywood landscape buzzed with excitement as Pooja Bhatt unveiled the trailer for the much-anticipated film ‘Tipppsy‘. During this event, she took a moment to highlight her enduring friendship with co-star Deepak Tijori. Bhatt penned a touching note for Tijori, her “4 AM friend,” acknowledging their shared journey and the support they have offered each other through the years.

The trailer release of ‘Tipppsy‘, featuring Deepak Tijori in a pivotal role, marks a significant comeback for the actor. Pooja Bhatt‘s note added a personal touch to the occasion, making it not just a promotional event but a celebration of lasting bonds in the competitive cinema industry. The film promises to deliver an intriguing mix of drama and suspense, aiming to captivate audiences with its unique storyline and the chemistry between its leads.

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