Plano’s Brandon Aubrey on journey from software engineer to Cowboys kicker

Becoming an NFL kicker wasn’t originally part of Brandon Aubrey’s dream.

Brandon Aubrey has been from your point of view: key card on the belt, working the workplace work.
Then he booted life as a computer programmer to turn into the kicker for the Dallas Cowboys.

Aubrey is playing for the group he grew up pulling for. However, the Plano local says he’s still determining if it has generally soaked in.

This year is only when Aubrey first played in a Cowboys uniform.

“Weight, 60 pounds, level 4’1″, uniform 5, age 5, recipient, not kicker, and he was a Cowboy. Who would’ve thought, right? Who would’ve thought? At age 5,” said Brandon’s mom, Donna, while glancing back at his old peewee football card.

Donna and Jeff Aubrey saw the signs that kicking could take their child’s places.

“He went after a 50-yarder. What was he, 12? 13? Yet, he went after a 50 and was short,” said his dad, Jeff. The story fits impeccably. However, someone other than Brandon needed to compose.

“Soccer was the big dream I was chasing, I put all my eggs into that basket and chased that dream down and never really thought about anything else,” Aubrey said.

He ascended the soccer stepping stool from Plano Senior High to Notre Woman, where he came out on top for a public championship as a protector.

2017 Aubrey was drafted to Toronto FC with the 21st pick in the MLS Super Draft.

After two years, Aubrey resigned from soccer for good.

He progressed into life after sports, starting his computer programming profession.
Then, one day, while watching an NFL game, his better half, Jen, said something that made a huge difference.

“Whoever was kicking missed, Jen says, ‘Well, you can do that,'” reviewed Aubrey.

Brandon concurred and went searching for a mentor.

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