Plano Named Fourth Best US City for Raising a Family

Plano, Texas, has been recognized as one of the premier cities in the United States for raising a family, securing the fourth spot in a recent report by WalletHub.

WalletHub’s comprehensive analysis compared over 180 cities nationwide, evaluating various factors crucial for family life, including housing affordability, school quality, and healthcare standards.

Plano’s impressive ranking places it among the top-tier cities for families, trailing only behind Fremont and Irvine in California, and Overland in Kansas.

According to the report, Plano excelled in multiple categories, ranking fourth in socio-economic factors and fifth in health and safety. Additionally, the city garnered seventh place in affordability, showcasing a favorable cost of living compared to other urban centers.

While Plano shone brightly in the report, other North Texas cities also made appearances, albeit at varying ranks. Grand Prairie claimed the 63rd spot, Fort Worth secured 86th place, Irving ranked 97th, Arlington stood at 99th, and Garland occupied the 111th position.

Among other Texas cities featured in the rankings, Austin emerged as the top performer at 19th place, followed by Laredo (72), Amarillo (80), El Paso (93), Lubbock (107), Corpus Christi (134), San Antonio (138), and Houston (145).

WalletHub’s comprehensive assessment offers valuable insights into the most family-friendly cities across the nation, providing valuable guidance for families seeking ideal living environments. As Plano and several other Texas cities demonstrate, the Lone Star State offers a plethora of options for families to thrive and prosper.

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