Plano Invites Public Input on DART Silver Line Stations Development

The City of Plano is seeking community feedback on the development around the new DART Silver Line stations, aiming to integrate transportation improvements with local needs and visions.

The City of Plano is actively engaging its citizens in shaping the future of its transportation landscape as it prepares for the introduction of two new train stations as part of the DART Silver Line Project. This ambitious initiative aims to connect Plano with DFW Airport in approximately 50 to 55 minutes, marking a significant enhancement in regional mobility. The city is hosting public open houses to solicit input on the development within a half-mile radius of these stations, focusing on the community’s vision for the area’s transformation.

Senior Mobility Planner Jason Aprill emphasized the importance of community feedback in determining the features of the surrounding areas, such as bike lanes, parks, plazas, and the overall streetscape. This participatory approach has already seen suggestions from the public being considered by an advisory group, reflecting the city’s commitment to creating spaces that are both functional and reflective of the community’s values.

The discussions specifically target areas along Shiloh Road and 12th Street, emphasizing the integration of stations into the city’s fabric in a neighborhood- and culturally-friendly manner. The inclusive approach, involving the historic Douglass Community and others, underscores efforts to ensure that the development respects the area’s history and addresses contemporary needs. Scheduled for completion in 2026, the Silver Line project represents a significant step forward in enhancing Plano’s connectivity and livability​.

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