Plano Firefighter Injured in Two-Alarm House Fire Battle

A Plano firefighter sustains minor injuries in a two-alarm house fire near Parker and Preston. The incident occurred as the firefighter fell in the garage during the battle, and the department cites a smoke explosion originating in the attic. Learn more about the incident and the firefighter’s condition

In a two-alarm house fire near Parker and Preston, a Plano firefighter faced minor injuries during the battle.

The incident, which occurred on Tuesday afternoon at a residence on Royal Creek, saw the firefighter falling in the garage as the ceiling collapsed. The firefighter was promptly transported to a hospital for medical attention.

Plano Fire-Rescue reports that the flames originated in the attic, with a smoke explosion pushing the fire down into the home.

Additional manpower was called to the scene due to the frigid temperatures, shortening the shifts of first responders. Fortunately, everyone residing in the house had evacuated before firefighters arrived, and there are no other reported injuries.

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