Paul Quinn College Class of 2024 Surprised with Graduation Gifts from Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines delighted graduates of Paul Quinn College’s class of 2024 by gifting them roundtrip tickets to any domestic destination, thereby enhancing their post-graduation travel opportunities.

In a remarkable gesture of support, the graduating class of 2024 at Paul Quinn College received an unexpected gift from Southwest Airlines during their commencement ceremony. Southwest Airlines awarded each graduate two roundtrip tickets valid for any of its domestic flight destinations. This gift not only celebrates the students‘ hard work and achievements but also encourages them to explore new horizons as they transition into their professional lives.

Paul Quinn College, known for its commitment to transforming challenges into opportunities for its students, partnered with Southwest Airlines to make this gift possible. The airline’s generosity is seen as a way to empower the graduates further, allowing them to visit places they might not have been able to afford otherwise. The president of the college highlighted the importance of travel as a broadening experience that enhances personal and professional growth.

This initiative is part of Southwest’s broader community engagement strategy, which aims to support education and provide opportunities for young people. By helping new graduates travel, they hope to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and communities across the United States. The graduates, filled with gratitude and excitement, are already planning their trips, looking forward to making lasting memories.

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