Palak Tiwari Adds Spice to Orion India Turtle Chips as Brand Ambassador

Palak Tiwari, the newest face of Orion India’s Turtle Chips, sizzles in the first commercial featuring the Spicy Devil flavor.


Orion India proudly announces Palak Tiwari as the brand ambassador for their popular Turtle Chips, marking a strategic move to connect with the dynamic Indian youth. In the debut commercial, Palak takes center stage, showcasing the irresistible Spicy Devil flavor.

The commercial, crafted by Orion India’s Marketing Team, sees Palak undergo a playful transformation into a devil after indulging in the intense taste of Spicy Devil Turtle Chips. This visual spectacle complements the chips’ bold crunch, creating a memorable and captivating snacking experience.

Saurabh Saith, CEO of Orion India, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the success of the Spicy Devil variant in introducing Korean spicy taste to the Indian market. The appointment of Palak Tiwari as the brand ambassador aims to enhance awareness, especially among the youth, tapping into their preference for bold and international flavors.

Palak Tiwari shared her enthusiasm, stating, “I am thrilled to be associated with Orion’s Turtle Chips. Filming the commercial for its popular Spicy Devil flavor was an absolute blast. The energy and fun we had on set are clearly evident in the commercial, effectively conveying the brand attributes of being cheerful and quirky.”

With this collaboration, Orion India aims to elevate its brand visibility and engage with the target audience, predominantly Gen A, Gen Z, and Millennials, offering a spicy twist to the everyday snacking experience.

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