Over Half Arrested in UT Pro-Palestinian Protests Had No Campus Ties, Officials Say

Hundreds of University of North Texas students participate in a peaceful walkout in solidarity with Palestine, demanding transparency regarding university investments linked to Israel and expressing opposition to the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

In a display of solidarity with Palestine, hundreds of students at the University of North Texas (UNT) participated in a peaceful walkout organized by pro-Palestinian activists.

The walkout, held on Tuesday, aimed to voice opposition to the Israel-Hamas conflict and call for transparency regarding the university’s investments linked to Israel. Led by UNT’s Palestine Solidarity Committee, protesters demanded that the university disclose any foundation investments associated with Israel and divest if such ties exist.

Amid waving Palestinian flags, students expressed solidarity with others across the country who have been arrested during similar protests. The demonstration remained peaceful, with no visible police presence apart from Denton and UNT police officers on the periphery.

Junior student Talia Rishad expressed appreciation for the sense of community at the protest, emphasizing the refusal to be complicit in what they perceive as genocide.

The protest commenced outside the library and proceeded with a march across campus, culminating at the administration building. Despite the gathering, UNT affirmed its commitment to free speech and ensured safety precautions were in place. The university encouraged respectful discourse among faculty, staff, and students.

While pro-Israel counter-protesters were not present, students not directly involved with the protest stopped to observe the proceedings. Overall, participants and observers alike acknowledged the peaceful conduct of the event, with student Megan Muths commending the organizers for their handling of the demonstration.

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