NYC Mayor Sues Texas Bus Companies Over Migrant Transport, Seeks $700M

Mayor Eric Adams initiates a lawsuit against Texas bus firms transporting migrants to NYC, demanding $708 million for caring for migrants.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has initiated legal action against 17 charter bus and transportation companies involved in ferrying migrants from Texas to New York.

Adams seeks $708 million in damages, accusing the companies of participating in Texas Governor Abbott’s strategy to overwhelm the city’s social services. The lawsuit alleges violations of New York state law by these companies, claiming they have not covered the costs of caring for migrants.

Adams, engaged in a public feud with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, emphasizes the humanitarian crisis but refuses to bear the costs of Texas’ political maneuvers. Recently, Adams issued an executive order to regulate migrant bus arrivals, prompting buses to alter strategies, dropping migrants in New Jersey and bypassing the order.

The legal move is supported by New York Governor Kathy Hochul, who asserts companies should be responsible for their role in the crisis.

Governor Abbott dismisses the lawsuit, labeling it baseless and hinting at potential legal consequences for Mayor Adams. The legal battle underscores the ongoing clash between states over immigration policies and their financial implications.

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