North Texas Crime Stoppers Under Scrutiny Amid Reward Denial: Investigation Unveils Concerns

An investigation unfolds issues within North Texas Crime Stoppers as it refuses a reward to a couple who aided police, revealing a lack of data tracking rewards and raising concerns about its operations.


North Texas Crime Stoppers faces criticism after denying a reward to a couple who played a pivotal role in helping authorities capture a wanted fugitive. The organization refused to grant a reward as the couple reported the incident via 911, not the Crime Stoppers hotline.

An investigation uncovered alarming details about the program’s operations. Notably, it fails to maintain essential records about reward distribution, unable to provide information on crimes solved or arrests made from hotline tips.

This controversy emerged when Briana and Kenyatta Jordan aided in the arrest of Leonard Neal, a suspect in a harrowing case of a kidnapped and assaulted 7-year-old girl. Despite their crucial involvement, the couple was deemed ineligible for the Crime Stoppers reward.

The North Texas Crime Stoppers program, a certified entity among Texas‘s 150 Crime Stoppers initiatives, falls under the oversight of the North Texas Crime Commission, chaired by David Dean. This incident raises concerns over the program’s efficacy and procedures, notably denying rewards to critical informants and its inability to track essential data.

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