North Texans comes out to enjoy Plano Balloon Festival

Many astonishing balloons took to the skies Saturday morning against the rising sun.

“We were simply driving down 75 and saw all the air inflatables overhead,” Tatiana Smith Robinson said.

It was a highlight for some attending the HEB-Local Market Plano Balloon Festival Celebration at Oak Point Park.

For Robinson’s 2-year-old girl, August Rayne Robinson, it was tied in with gaining experience.

“It was most certainly something mystical. All in all, I’ve seen it a great deal. However, this was her most memorable time seeing it. She delighted in seeing the inflatables in the air,” Robinson said.

The inflatables were up in the first part of the day; however, because of the breeze, they needed to descend.

“This morning, we had some wind, so they didn’t all launch. Some of them launched. They all inflated so they were all on the launch for this morning,” said Jo Via, Plano Balloon Festival executive director. “The balloons come into the park early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Mainly because of the heat thermals and the wind that’s there in the middle of the day.”

Despite the absence of inflatables in the early evening, participants had a great time at the celebration, partaking in the food sellers and diversion.

“I’m with my grandson, and we chose to come to see every one of the shops simply hang out,” said Ami Phillips.

“The RE/MAX skydivers will jump,” Via said. “That’s amazing to see, that’s very cool.”

It’s replacing fireworks this year because of the burn ban in Collin County.

There’s also a family fun zone for people to enjoy.

“We’re having a great time. My son is enjoying all the toys and all the events,” Hokett Gallery said.

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