New Horizons for Dallas Commuters: Greyhound Plans Relocation of Downtown Terminal

“Greyhound, in a strategic move, announces the closure of its Downtown Dallas terminal in October 2024. Collaborating with the City of Dallas, Greyhound is dedicated to finding a new terminal location, ensuring continued accessible travel services for the Dallas community.”

In a significant development for Dallas’s transportation landscape, Greyhound has announced the closure of its downtown Dallas bus terminal, set for October 2024. This decision follows the acquisition of Greyhound by Flix SE in 2021 and the retention of property ownership by the previous owners, FirstGroup. However, Greyhound’s commitment to the Dallas community remains steadfast.

In collaboration with the City of Dallas, Greyhound is actively seeking a new location for its terminal. The search for a future terminal location is in its early stages, with the aim to continue providing accessible and affordable travel options to and from Dallas. Dallas City Council Transportation Committee and Greyhound are exploring all possibilities to ensure the best outcome for the city and its residents who rely on bus services for their travel needs.

This development signifies a pivotal moment for the city’s transportation infrastructure, balancing the need for progress with the importance of accessible public transit.

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