Nevada Judge Attacked During Sentencing, Defendant Sparks Chaos in Vegas Courtroom

A shocking scene unfolded in a Vegas courtroom as a defendant in a felony battery case leaped at a judge, resulting in a bloody brawl.

In a stunning turn of events during a sentencing hearing in a Las Vegas courtroom, a defendant, Deobra Delone Redden, launched a violent attack on Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus. The dramatic scene unfolded as Redden leaped over the judge’s bench, assaulting her and initiating a chaotic and bloody altercation involving court officials, attorneys, and officers.

The shocking incident, captured on courtroom video, showed Judge Holthus being targeted by Redden, causing her injuries though not requiring hospitalization. Redden faces 13 counts, including battery on a protected person, relating to the judge and officers who intervened during the assault.

The defendant, still in custody on $54,000 bail, refused to appear in court on Thursday for new charges. Redden’s history, marked by violent offenses, has prompted calls for him to be held without bail due to his perceived danger to the community.

The sentencing remains pending, while authorities continue to evaluate this unsettling incident that unfolded in a courtroom, disrupting legal proceedings and highlighting the dangers faced by judicial officials.


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